Humanistiek 10 - 2002
Tijdschrift: Humanistiek
Categorie: Mens en maatschappij algemeen

Prijs: € 9.95
From the editors
Peter Derkx and Henk Manschot

Theme: International Humanism

Can Humanism Stem the Rising Tide of Tribalism?
Pat Duffy Hutcheon

Humanism in Post-Soviet Russia: Some Aspects of Theory, History and Actuality
Mikhail B. Konashev

The Difference Between Private Morality and Public Morality in the United States
Robert Grant

The Position and Condition of Women in India: Challenging the Darkness, Restoring Faiths
Shobha Raghuram

Humanists Care for Education
Nico Stuij

Humanism in the United States
Robert B. Tapp

Humanist Roots of Entrepreneurship for Older People
Hans Becker and Peter de Lange

Humanism in New Zealand
Bill Cooke

Socrates Lecture 2001
Borders Matter
Arjo Klamer

Patrick Vlug on Tzvetan Todorov’s Le jardin imparfait: la pensée humaniste en France, (The
Unfinished Garden: Humanist Thought in France)

Tineke Abma on Saville Kushner’s Personalizing Evaluation

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